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When you buy a home or a commercial area, the first thing you think about is decoration and the interior appearance. But an appropriate access security is also necessary: doors, windows and shutters become the most vulnerable points.

Oakley Automated Living offers a wide range of roller shutter doors adapted to every need, from the most extreme security to the most economical option.

Oakley roller shutter doors satisfy any need, whether for a private home or a business. We have two different types of installation: on-site or with a box.

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Windows and doors are the two weakest points against the access of unwanted people inside the home. Year after year, the authorities give preventive advice to increase the home security.
Oakley Automated Living has a wide range of rolling shutter doors, particularly blocking systems that provide additional security against robbery.
Our roller shutter doors also have the latest security features to prevent accidents. All our products meet the strict EC safety regulations.


Security is not incompatible with practicality. Oakley roller shutter doors have different operating systems.
You can activate the roller shutter doors from your car without getting out, thanks to our radio frequency motors.


Apart from quality, the finishing of our products and the aesthetic appearance of every architectural project are one of our major requirements.
We have a wide range of colors and finishing, that allow customization of our products, making each model unique and exclusive.

This is the most traditional way to install a roller shutter door. It has a higher rolling capacity, so it can achieve greater height.
Recommended in double ceiling situations (plaster).

The installation of a roller shutter door with a box provides a significant reduction of visual impact, as well as less noise when the roller door is operating.
It also offers higher protection against dirt (when the roller shutter is up).