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Oakley Automated Living supply and install innovitive door access and intercom systems from Marbella, Estepona to Sotogrande and beyond. Covering the whole of the Costa del Sol.

We offer a wide range of door entry systems, from simple audio intercom systems to fully internet connected video door entry systems that you can view and open doors using your smartphone anywhere in the world.

We also offer multi-occupancy systems for appartment building, offices etc.

Video door entry systems lets you see who is at your door or gate before you open it, increasing the safety and scurity of your home or business. The live video feed, triggered either by motion or by someone ringing the doorbell, will help you decide if you even want to open the door, especially if you weren’t expecting a guest. With a video intercom doorbell, you can communicate with the person without having to open your door. Some video door entry systems have a camera feature that can capture and save images of the person at your door.

A video doorbell liked to the internet that you can answer on your smartphone is also beneficial if you have a large house or are in your garden, where you may not hear your doorbell ring or you may be too far away to answer the door before the guest leaves. Having a wireless video phone intercom system lets you see who is at your door from anywhere in the world and will allow you to quickly greet a guest.

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    Video Door Entry systems supplied, installed & maintained across the Costa del Sol. Marbella, Estepona to Sotogrande and beyond…